The Château de Beauséjour... for an unforgettable marriage

A little history...

The 14th century Beauséjour castle on the right bank of the Isle was built by the Talleyrand family, as were the castles of Grignols, Mauriac, Excideuil and Mareuil. All these castles and estates with their lands and outbuildings made up the Duchy of Périgord.
Originally, the castle was a noble dwelling that housed a Hospice. It was burnt down during the Fronde, rebuilt and remodelled. It has kept its defensive quadrilateral, made of dwellings, outbuildings and curtain walls bordering an inner courtyard. The dwellings have unfortunately lost their machicolated round towers. The 15th century chapel is in ruins under the ivy, but the dwelling has kept its noble appearance. In 1777 the lord's wife gave birth to a boy, Gabriel Pajot de Laforest, who was to become a famous Parisian doctor, a mania for shorthand to the point of using it to write his ex-libris and prescriptions.



Today, the Château de Beauséjour, very close to Périgueux, offers reception rooms for weddings, seminars, company meals or any other event.

The modular rooms can be equipped according to the event:

- A panoramic room of 280 m² overlooking the river allows you to welcome 250 people seated with dance floor.

- A large medieval hall of 100 m² giving onto the large main courtyard can receive 80 guests.

For the restoration, you can choose the service provider of your choice, or consult the caterers who are partners of the Château.

To sleep, 22 rooms and duplexes from 2 to 5 beds, i.e. 64 beds, are at your disposal on the ground floor, all overlooking the main courtyard.


Château de Beauséjour

24110 Saint-Léon-sur-l'Isle,

Tel: 05 53 08 52 01

Tel: 06 20 47 28 94 or 06 25 17 73 63

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