The panoramic gardens of Limeuil

It is on a spectacular rocky promontory, on the site of the old fortified castle at the top of a village classified as one of the "most beautiful villages in France", Limeuil, that Dr. Linarès created, in the 19th century, an English-style park also inspired by his stays in Morocco, where he was the Sultan's doctor.

The panoramic gardens overlook the confluence of the Dordogne-Vézère rivers.

With their 360° panorama on the landscapes and the roofs of the medieval village of Limeuil, the Panoramic Gardens allow you to enjoy an unusual position!

All along the route, you will be able to appreciate the educational, playful and interactive gardens, the garden of colors, the garden of witches, the garden of water, the garden of insects, the educational beehive..., laid out in an English-style park of 2 hectares. Alone or accompanied, the gardens can be visited independently along the interpretation paths and thematic gardens.

In 2004, the municipality of Limeuil and the association Au Fil du Temps undertook the restoration of these places left fallow since his death.

The park welcomes nearly 30,000 visitors per year.

On Friday, June 25, 2021, the Gardens welcomed the members of the AGIR Foundation of the Crédit Agricole Charente Périgord to inaugurate the "Zen & Mediterranean" garden. 


The Panoramic Gardens of Limeuil

Place des Fossés

24510 Limeuil

Tel : 05 53 73 26 13 and 05 53 57 52 64



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