Limeuil, medieval village and port on the Dordogne

The city of Limeuil, archetype of the medieval city so much it is marked by the Middle Ages, knew the torments of the Vikings invasions and those of the Hundred Years War.

It is labeled among the "most beautiful villages of France".

When you arrive in Limeuil, you will notice that the old city wall has kept its three access doors, the Port door, the Récluzou door and the Marquisat door.

While walking in the steep streets, the stone houses, stamped with escutcheons, with their brown tiled roofs offer themselves to you. Typical of the architecture of the Périgord Noir, they are mixed with old shops but also with latrines and andronnes!

The andronnes are very small alleys that were used to collect waste water from the latrines but were also used as "firebreaks" to prevent the spread of fires. You can also find them in Domme for example.


Limeuil and its heritage...

Founded at the end of the XIIth century, the church of Saint-Martin is a perfect example of the Romanesque style of the Périgord. Of a great sobriety, this place gives off power and elevation and is distinguished by its murals.

In the 19th century, Limeuil was a flourishing city with 80 craftsmen. It owed its wealth to its port and its barge center! The barges coming down the Dordogne carried cheese, leather and wool from Auvergne and those coming up from Bordeaux carried spices, sugar, salt and dried fish.

Today, the port is suitable for leisure activities. In summer, it becomes an ideal swimming area to relax! Several canoe trips on the Dordogne and Vézère rivers are also available.

In the heart of Limeuil, you must also discover the Panoramic Gardens of Limeuil!

Overlooking the confluence of the Dordogne and Vézère rivers, a beautiful stroll awaits you in the heart of these educational, playful and interactive gardens (medieval garden, witches' garden, water garden, insect garden...) laid out in a 2 hectare English-style park with trees.

The gardens can be visited independently along the interpretation paths and thematic gardens. Many animations are offered.


A short history...

During the religious wars, Isabeau de Limeuil, niece and maid of honor of Catherine de Medici, was charged with seducing the Prince de Condé to make him renounce his reformed friends.


Limeuil is finally a village of craftsmen, glass blower, potter, beer brewer, ...


Bureau d'information touristique 
Jardin de la Mairie 
24510 Limeuil 


Mairie de Limeuil
Place du Port
24510 Limeuil
Tél. : 05 53 63 30 89



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