D'Artagnan's daughter

Shot at the Chateaux de Biron, Beynac, Montpazier and Sarlat Cadena, directed by Bertrand Tavernier, with Sophie Marceau, Philippe Noiret, Claude Rich, Samy Frey, Jean Luc Bideau, this film is a very, very free adaptation from the characters of Alexandre Dumas.
Bertrand Tavernier was not to direct this film, he was only to be the producer.
The director had to be an Italian whom he admires: Ricardo Freda.
Freda fell ill after a few days of shooting and it was Tavernier who took over.
With the talent that he is known for.

The actor Raoul Billerey who plays Porthos in the film is also a master of arms in life. He obviously advised Bertrand Tavernier on some of the sword duel scenes.


The synopsis

In the autumn of 1654, the young and spirited Eloise, daughter of the Gascon captain of the Miousquetaires du Roi, d'Artagnan, was worthy of her father for swordplay.

In her boarding school/convent, she witnessed the murder of the mother superior by the odious Duke of Crassac and the woman in red, Églantine de Rochefort, who were engaged in the black slave trade from Africa to the Americas and in the coffee trade.

She thinks she guesses a plot against the young King Louis XIV and runs to Paris to ask her father for help and warn the young king and his prime minister, Cardinal Mazarin.

She provokes a hunt in which her father and his faithful friends the famous musketeers Aramis, Athos, Porthos, although removed from the service of the King's musketeers, return to help him in this mission of paladin.



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