The impressive suspension bridge of Holzarte

Suspended more than 150 m above the void, the Holzarte bridge is the most spectacular of all those you can find between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean!

Accessible after a hike of about an hour, the suspension bridge jumps 70 m over the Olhadubi canyon to reach the other side.

The panorama is seizing, it is not necessary to have the vertigo to cross so much the impression to walk in the vacuum is real.

The suspension bridge is a work that dates back to 1920, built by Italian workers employed in the workshops of the Lombardi Morello steel mill in Tardets.

It allowed the loggers to cross to the other bank and quickly reach the logging sites installed in the surrounding forests.

Restored in 2010 after the damage caused by the storm Xynthia, it is now fully secured, to the delight of hikers.

One can appreciate a grandiose landscape, formed by the torrents during millennia, in the limestone of the Pyrenean massif which offers an impregnable view on the sumptuous Basque mountains of Haute-Soule.

The wooden planks are solidly fixed by cables, which sway according to the wind and the movements of the passer-by.

The steep slopes and the dense vegetation make it impossible to see the bottom, and the feeling of vertigo is reduced.

The bridge can be reached after a one-hour climb from the Logibar Inn. The trail is accessible, but steep and slippery in places.

There is no need to hurry to reach the famous bridge, especially since the hike, between pastures and forest, would almost be enough in itself.



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