Variéras, the hamlet with thatched roofs

Located on the Millevaches plateau, between Bugeat and Meymac, the hamlet of Variéras has only 72 buildings, including outbuildings, covered by a thatched roof, offering a heterogeneous but unique architectural ensemble in Corrèze.

Consisting of two groups of houses, Variéras is home to about 50 people per year.

At the end of the 1960s, Maurice Gorsse, who died about fifteen years ago, began to put his stamp on the future of this hamlet where he was born.

He went to the ENP, now the Caraminot high school, in Egletons, and had a successful career in construction and concrete.

Back in Corrèze, he started making thatched roofs for the family house in Variéras.

Then he made a building site for Jean Ségurel, famous accordionist. The orders multiplied then.

His son, Denis, takes over. Specialized in thatch roofing, he builds all the roofs of Variéras, and others in Corrèze and in the neighbouring departments.

The roofs of Variéras are made of thatch from reeds coming mainly from the Rhône de Camargue, while locally lauze or slate is used instead.

A village with a certain charm...



Town hall of Variéras

20 Route de Meymac,

19170 Pérols-sur-Vézère

Tel : 05 55 95 57 33


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