The Fortress of Mornas, like a memory of Jacquouille

Mentioned as early as the 9th century under the name of "Rupea Morenata", the fortress of Mornas, probably built of wood, was designed to protect the village of the same name.

Property of the Counts of Toulouse and then of the Papacy, Catholics and Protestants fought fiercely for it during the Wars of Religion. In 1562, the Protestant troops of the ferocious Baron des Adrets, after having massacred women, children and old men in the chapel, forced the Catholic garrison to rush from the top of the walls. This infamous episode is called "Sauto Barri" or wall-jumping. The Huguenots suffered the same fate when the fortress was taken over by the Catholics in 1568. After the Revolution, the fortress fell into oblivion and ruin.

Today, behind its high ramparts, the fortress of Mornas takes the walker inside its fortifications for an extraordinary journey.

Perched on a steep cliff 137 meters high, it offers a total change of scenery with a return to the Middle Ages and amazing medieval animations.

Since 1978, the dynamic association "les amis de la forteresse" has been restoring the fortress and bringing it back to life in medieval times, organizing animated and entertaining visits where the visitor is welcomed by knights and lords in full regalia.

"Catapulted back to the time of the knights, you will rub shoulders with lords, beggars and ladies in activities organized every day during the summer months. The experience is amazing.

The great medieval festival on the first Sunday of July is a highlight not to be missed: children can learn archery, try on period costumes... attend equestrian jousts...

For those who want to extend the walk, a path in cornice winds up to the small Saint-Baudile Chapel.

Children can follow the visit with the booklet "the quest of the knights", where one discovers the history of the fortress in games and enigmas.

You can also buy, before the visit, a "kit intrigue dans la ville" at the Tourist Office of Bollène.
Through a route in the scrubland, you can reach the fortress of Mornas while having fun.


Forteresse de Mornas
Rue Mont de la Combe,
84550 Mornas
Tél. : 04 90 37 91 28


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