The only statue of Henry IV erected during his lifetime, in the Capitol.

Court Henri IV, at the Capitol, coming from the square of the same name, the tourists' gaze is more frequently focused on the ground plaque commemorating the execution of Henri II of Montmorency, on the orders of Richelieu.
Yet another curiosity deserves a look. One need only look up to see a superb polychrome marble statue of the good King Henri, the work of Thomas Hurtamat.

In 1606, the Capitouls received the agreement of King Henry IV to have his effigy adorned the new court.

The statue, in polychrome marble by the sculptor Thomas Heurtematte, represents the sovereign in foot, dressed in his armour and wearing a laurel wreath.

Sculpted in 1607, it is protected from bad weather by a beautiful wooden canopy painted in 1610 by Pierre Fournier.
This statue was commissioned by the Capitouls to thank Henri IV for having supported them in their wish to create a gallery for their coats of arms and portraits.

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