The disappearance of the Condorcet studio, a high-end and mythical studio

The Condorcet studio, mythical studio if it is, has just been destroyed.


Return on a glorious past...

Once upon a time, in the 70's, a huge hit, "La maladie d'amour" by Michel Sardou. This song was recorded in Toulouse at the Studio Condorcet.

The studio's toilets were used as an echo chamber, a reverberation chamber and gave this "made in Toulouse" sound.

In 1971, Jacques Cardona, who was 25 years old, created the Condorcet studio, on Condorcet street in Toulouse, with Roger Loubet, Michel Sardou's bandleader, and the brothers Jean-Michel and François Porterie. Condorcet became a famous studio for the quality of its acoustics and its "Californian sound".

Jacques Cardona, who died in 2008, was also a singer-songwriter and music producer.

Cardona composed and recorded a lot: Claude François, Dick Rivers, Antoine, Hugues Aufray, Mike Shannon, Lara Fabian, Mike Brant, Michel Sardou, Daniel Balavoine. They all rush to Toulouse to record. Jacques Cardona co-produced Johnny Hallyday's album "Cadillac" with Etienne Roda-Gil.

He was also the producer of a dance band, "Les Goldfingers", which became "Gold" with an impressive series of hits: "Capitaine abandonné", "Plus près des étoiles", "Ville de lumière" and many others...

A true all-rounder of genius, Cardona will also be in productions such as Goldorak, Ulysses 31 or Inspector Gadget.

"La Maladie d'amour" was recorded at the first Studio Condorcet studio which "at the time was in a garage" remembers Michel Sardou. This first studio was at 36 Rue Condorcet.

The old garage-studio became a building.

In the middle of the 70s the studio moved to Avenue de Lyon, a stone's throw from the Matabiau train station.

The studio was taken over in 2007 by Olivier Cussac, and professionals from all horizons (free-jazz, electro, pop, garage rock, classical...) meet there.

The director, an accomplished musician, composes music for successful animated films such as the series "Les As de la Jungle", (from the production company and animation studio TAT productions) sold in almost 200 countries worldwide.

Today Condorcet, like Capri, is finished...


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