The Annonciade, the most beautiful small museum in France

Installed in the former chapel of Notre-Dame de l'Annonciade in 1922, the Musée de L'Annonciade presents works by painters who worked in Saint-Tropez, following Paul Signac who was the first to discover this Provençal fishing village in 1892 and invited his painter friends there.

Saint-Tropez was indeed one of the most active centers of the pictorial avant-garde at the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to Paul Signac who docked there in 1892 aboard his yacht, the Olympia.

Seduced by the country, Signac bought a house and made it his studio, "La Hune", and invited many painters such as Cross, Matisse, Derain, Marquet...

The collections presented, ranging from 1890 to 1950, are surprising in their quality and homogeneity. All the artists exhibited have "based their work from a reflection on color while remaining faithful to the figurative.

This set is composed of first-rate paintings, mainly belonging to the pointillist, nabis and fauvist movements.


Superb works

More than twenty paintings of international renown are included in the Annonciade's collection, including

André DERAIN - Bridge over the Thames, 1906 - Effects of Sun on Water, 1906 - Westminster, 1906

Henri MATISSE - Corsican Landscape, 1898 - The Gipsy, 1905-1906 - Woman at the Window, Nice, 1920 - Interior in Nice, 1920

Pierre BONNARD - Nude in front of the fireplace, 1919

Georges ROUAULT - Biblical Landscape, 1935

Georges BRAQUE - Landscape of Estaque, 1906

Georges SEURAT - The Channel at Gravelines (study), 1890

Henri-Edmond CROSS - The Beach at Saint-Clair, 1906-1907

Paul SIGNAC - Saint-Tropez at Sunset, 1896 - The Umbrella Pines at Canoubiers, 1897 - Saint-Tropez, the Quay, 1899

Raoul DUFY - Honfleur Pier, 1930

Felix VALLOTTON - Misia at her Desk, 1897

Roger de la FRESNAYE - The Rowing Machine, 1914

Kees VAN DONGEN - In the Plaza, Women at the Railing, 1910 - The Gypsy, 1910-1911

Aristide MAILLOL - The Draped Bather, 1921 Nymph, 1930

Edouard VUILLARD - Two Women under the Lamp, 1892 - Interior with Two Chairs, 1901 - Annette's Soup, 1900-1901

Albert MARQUET - Saint-Tropez, the port, 1905 - Port of Marseille, 1918 - Sète, the Beaucaire Canal, 1924 - Paris, quai d'Orléans, 1930

Maurice de VLAMINCK - The Bridge of Chatou, 1906


The building

This museum is located in the former chapel of Notre-Dame de l'Annonciade, built around 1510 by the brotherhood of the Pénitents Blancs (White Penitents) in charge of redeeming the sailors of the Tropéziens captured by the barbarians and reduced to slavery. It was sold as national property during the Revolution. Its bell tower was knocked down in 1821 and the roof was given its current shape in order to convert the building into a workshop for the construction of sailing boats.

In 1937, the upper part of the chapel was converted into the "Museon Tropelen" and in 1950 the building was made available to Georges Grammont, who asked the architect Louis Süe to modify it to house his collection. The new museum opened on August 7, 1955, presenting fifty-six works from the Grammont collection.

Although the Saint-Tropez museum is known worldwide by art historians and art lovers, it remains little known to the general public.

It can be considered as the first museum of modern art in France since, from the beginning, it offers on its walls the most relevant works of living artists.

In such a small space, major masterpieces of the history of French painting are gathered.


The Annonciade

2, rue de l'Annonciade - Place Grammont

83990 Saint-Tropez
Tel : 04 94 17 84 10



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