La Maison du Cigare and its Cuban torcedoras, a unique place in Europe

Navarrenx, in its musketeers' barracks dating from 1537, commissioned by a certain Portos, houses the Cigar House, labelled "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living Heritage Company).

It must be said that, in this magnificent setting, this house preserves a unique know-how, exceptional one could say, namely the manufacture of the cigar of Navarre, "the Navarre", 100% Béarnais, born from the marriage of French and Cuban know-how.

During your visit, you will be able to discover all the stages and secrets of cigar making, tobacco growing, drying, conservation and elaboration by the expert hands of the "torcedoras", rolling machines that come especially from Cuba.

Yes, you have read correctly, they are Cuban women, true magicians, torcedoras who continue to practice in France their national practice.


A museographic journey

In this imposing 16th century building, a "museographic" tour of the cigar is offered. Its objective is to allow visitors to discover the process of elaboration of a 100% French premium cigar. One will be able to see all the operations, from sowing, planting, drying, and all the operations that lead to the making of a cigar. In this tour, we can see the "rollers" working under the eyes of the visitors.

During your visit, you will be able to observe the staff at work, with panels and videos explaining each stage of production.

Three cigars are made in the factory, the shorts, the robusta and the double corona, sold individually or in boxes.

A rolling workshop supervised by a rolling machine will help you make your own.

Finally, a wine and delicatessen tasting completes the fascinating visit of the site.


The Cigar House
Place des Casernes
64190 Navarrenx
Tel: 05 59 66 51 96


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