Parlebosq, Seven churches for 520 inhabitants

The commune of Parleboscq, in the Landes, was born from the union of seven parishes, each of which has been preserved in varying states. Some are in good condition while others are in danger of ruin

The budget of the commune not being extensible, it is a real headache for the municipality to maintain or preserve the 7 buildings.

The Church of Saint-Cricq is the parish church and is registered in the inventory of the Historic Monuments. Its construction in stone goes from the XIIIth to the XVIth centuries. It was restored in the 16th century and in 1999,

The Church of Sarran dates from the XIVth century and is listed in the inventory of Historic Monuments. It is closed since 1999 by decision of the architect of the Historic Monuments,

The Church of Saint-Martin d'Espérous: Built in the XIIIth century, in the north of the village, restored in the XVIth century, this building preserves beautiful keystones and an architecture with half-timberings, cob and bricks of the XIVth and XVIth centuries then XIXth century,

The church of Notre-Dame de Mauras is roofless,

The church of Saint-André de Boua is to be seen for a flamboyant gothic portal, and above the choir, a ribbed vault with decorated keys,

The Church of Saint-Michel de Laballe was built in the 14th century and endowed two centuries later. It was recently restored by the association for the safeguard of the church of Saint-Michel de Laballe and other churches of Parleboscq, an association founded by Hubert Cuirot,

The church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Mura is invaded by vegetation. The church is now only a ruin. The massive portal is similar to those of other churches in Parleboscq with an arch in accolade and pinnacles.


Parlebosq is also home to the castle of Lacaze, built in the 16th century, and that of Laballe, of great beauty, as well as an old windmill.


Town hall Parleboscq

Chemin vicinal 1
40310 Parlebosc

Tel. : 05 58 44 32 07

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