The castle of Gaujacq, unique in Europe

Seigniorial residence of the 17th century, built by François de Sourdis, a Lieutenant General of the armies of King Louis XIV, the castle of Gaujacq was built in the image of an Italian palace, evoking the spirit of the Renaissance.

In the heart of Chalosse, this castle is unique in Europe by its construction and its situation.

The original and unusual architecture is organized around an inner courtyard, a garden of delights, surrounded by an Italian-style gallery that looks like a cloister.

The 17th and 18th century apartments are organized around the arcades and still have woodwork and panels from that period. In these furnished and decorated rooms the art of the table and the role of the woman are put in the honor.


The Plantarium of Gaujacq

Next to the castle don't forget to visit the Plantarium. This landscaped botanical garden of plant conservation, created in 1985, by the nurserymen Jean and Frédérique Thoby gathers more than 3000 different species and varieties. It is managed by Jean Thoby, a passionate nurseryman who organizes twice a year, in May and October, the RANAPECO, National Gathering of Nurserymen and Collectors around the castle.

Castle of Gaujacq
2 route de Brassempouy
40330 Gaujacq

Tel : 05 58 89 01 01


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