The Curiosa Museum, a hymn to women and eroticism

Unique in France, the Curiosa Museum is dedicated to gallant love and eroticism through the ages. 

Located in Auribeau-sur-Sagne, a magnificent medieval village a few km from Cannes, it offers a collection patiently gathered by the first owner of the Auberge Haute, during 25 years of china throughout Europe.

This museum traces love through the millennia since 22,000 years before Christ. It houses hundreds of very varied objects such as furniture, a unique collection of art objects and works linking eroticism and gallant love.

Jean-Jacques Meyer thus offers a hymn to the woman whose emblem he himself designed, a keyhole through which one discovers a libertine engraving from the 18th century, embellished with maxims. 
To access this secret and uninhibited place, one must enter the Auberge de la Vignette Haute, with its medieval décor, a wise prelude to the collection of naughty antiques that are offered at the top of the spiral staircase, in a small tower.

Each object has a story and Jean-Jacques Meyer has a predilection for so-called "hidden-face" objects, where a naughty work of art is revealed behind an anodyne one.

The Curiosa Museum was named after everything that has to do with eroticism and is known as a curiosity in the world of antique dealers.

Château & Hôtel de Luxe la Vignette Haute 

370 Village Road

06810 Auribeau-sur-Siagne

Tél: 04 93 42 20 01

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