The Archeosite, an astonishing Gallic village

Between Toulouse and Saint-Gaudens, in the commune of Rieux-Volvestre, the village of Saint-Julien is a reconstructed village from the Gallic period with tourist, educational and scientific vocations.

At the same time Ecomuseum, archaeological park, cultural park, the Gallic Village is unclassifiable.

Originally, a team reduced first of all of 2 persons, then 5 on the field, and finally 11 in all with the board of directors of the association launched out in this adventure, the construction of a Gallic village, the archaeological reconstitution of about twenty buildings out of wood, earth and thatch, by leaning on the last researches and scientific data.

From the entrance, a gigantic ditch, an embankment, the rampart which runs for 200 meters and closes the village make a strong impression. In the centre, a monumental fortified gate locks the most exposed side of the village, the others being protected on the one hand by a high cliff and on the other by the Garonne.

Inside, the village extends over 6 hectares with a huge building, fences, ramparts, houses, paths to lose oneself in to connect the whole.

All the know-how of the second Iron Age (-450 to 50 AD) is presented, craftsmen animate this place, illustrating with passion the know-how of the jeweller, the dexterity of the coppersmith and following the days the weaving, the forge and the basket making.

The coin struck by the Volques is also highlighted. The Gallic Village is certainly the place where for the first time an experimental coin was struck in front of the general public.

A genuine resource centre, the Archaeosite also organises congresses, symposia, exhibitions and concerts.



The Gallic Village - The Archeosite
The Causeway
31310 Rieux-Volvestre
Tel: 05 61 87 16 38


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L'Archeosite Prehistorique Experimental : des Fouilles a la Reconstitution d'Habitats du Neolithique

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