Fort Louvois, little brother of Fort Boyard

Designed by Vauban, little brother of Fort Boyard, Fort Louvois is a 17th century maritime fortification. It was built on a rock submerged at high tide, between the island of Oleron and the basin of Marennes. It is located in Bourcefranc-Le Chapus, at the foot of the bridge of the island of Oleron.

Its construction was decided by Louvois, Minister of War of Louis XIV. The objective was to cross the cannon fire with the Citadel of Oleron to defend the Rochefort arsenal. Designed in the shape of a horseshoe, with a central keep protected by a drawbridge and a moat, it is reminiscent of the castles of the Middle Ages.

In the dungeon, a new scenography gives the keys to understanding the history of the fort. A relief plan presents the fortifications of the coastline, from the Gironde to the Charente. At the top of the tower, orientation tables complete the panoramic view of the Oleron coast.

In the enclosure, you can discover the six rooms of the barracks, the living quarters of the garrison, the 24-pound cannons and the powder magazine. You can also visit the six rooms of the barracks, the dungeon, the food hall, the powder magazine, the guardhouse... see the 24-pound cannons.

Throughout the season, a game is offered to each child according to his age, allowing him to discover the site at his own pace while having fun.

A photo studio full of costumes, hats, wigs... is available in a room of the barracks.


Fort Louvois

17560 Bourcefranc-le-Chapus

Tel : 05 46 85 23 22


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