Moncaut's magical fountains

Between Losse and Bourriot Bergonce, in the Lussole district, Moncaut in the Landes region is home to three renowned springs. One heals rheumatism, the second stomachaches and the third migraines.

Needless to say, these springs attract a lot of people - the best proof of their success being the countless pieces of fabric hanging from the trees...

Indeed, after enjoying the benefits of these fountains, visitors are invited to hang up cloths symbolizing "the suffering they leave behind".

Other visitors, however, must refrain from touching the hanging rags - they have been worn by the sick, right on their skin...

With fervor, visitors soaked the cloth in water and rubbed the painful part of their body.

The three springs are sheltered by brick buildings, a restored oven, a small oratory and a stone cross on a pedestal carved in 1895, indicating the direction of the watering holes.

The saints invoked are Saint-Georges, Saint-Eutrope and Saint-Antoine.

Saint Georges, patron saint of the parish of Lussole, was a Christian martyr who, according to legend, slayed the dragon.

This spring, like its two neighbors, was frequented by large gatherings of people from all the neighboring areas, Albret, Armagnac, Marsan and even Béarn, at times when means of transport were not as widespread as they are today.

There was also a small chapel nearby, of which only ruins remain.

For further information, a leaflet is available from the Landes d'Armagnac Tourist Office.

Please note: Access closed during the hunting season, from September to March.


Moncaut springs

Quartier de Lussolle

40240 Losse

Tel.: 05 58 44 34 95


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