A Conservatoire de la Fourche, unique in France

Unique in France, the Conservatoire de la Fourche de Sauve, in the Gard region, allows us to unravel a mystery jealously guarded for 10 centuries, that of the cultivation of the hackberry wood fork.
It was the Parliament of Toulouse which, by ordinance, gave Sauve the exclusive right to manufacture the three-necked hackberry fork.
These forks are manufactured before your eyes, always according to an ancestral method and sold to private individuals as well as professionals who still use them.
Since July 2003, visitors can stroll through a central gallery where eight information terminals and a picture wall bring a whole past to life and explain a present.


Conservatory of the Forks
Rue des Boisseliers,
30610 Saves
Tel: 04 66 80 54 46



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