Masgot, carved and sculpted village

Masgot is a unique village. Indeed, it was transformed during the 19th century by a stone-cutter-peasant who carved in the granite all kinds of animals, characters, and the fruit of his own dreams ...

François Michaud, because it is about him, exercised his passion in the heart of his hamlet and decorated it with unique and unusual sculptures. This very original approach allowed him to express his dreams and to embellish his living spaces.

This is how one can discover while walking through the streets of Masgot an entrance to a vegetable garden under the sharp eyes of an eagle, a wolf-dog or a mermaid.

François Michaud also transformed the entrance of one of the houses into a mansion gate. He also sculpted Napoleon in front of a naked woman, perhaps a Marianne, facing a seated animal.

This is how he joined artists such as the Facteur Cheval and his Ideal Palace, the Abbé Fouré and his extravagant rock figures

Because of this particularity, the commune of Masgot could not remain stone, one could say...

This is why the Creuse-Thaution-Gartempe Tourist Office is offering an audio-guide to help you understand François Michaud's motivations and achievements.

Introductory and advanced courses are also offered to perpetuate the art of sculpture in the village and to handle chisels and hammers. These courses are organized by Les Amis de la Pierre de Masgot.


the Creuse-Thaution-Gartempe Tourist Office

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Tel: 05 55 62 55 93


Friends of the Masgot Stone

23480 Franseches

Tel: 05 55 66 98 88 



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Masgot: L'oeuvre énigmatique de François Michaud

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