The medieval city of Bourganeuf

The city of Bourganeuf, founded in the 12th century by the Knights Hospitallers of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, developed around the old Hospitaller commandery composed of the castle, the church of St. John the Baptist and three 15th century towers, the staircase tower, the Lastic Tower and the Zizim Tower.
It is the history of this last one, the Zizim Tower, which gives Bourganeuf its singularity. Indeed, it welcomed a prestigious prisoner in the person of the Ottoman Sultan Djem, son of Mohammed II, nicknamed Zizim, who left his name today.
Other monuments such as the chapel of the White Penitents (12th century), the organ of the Church of Saint Jean Baptiste dating from the 19th century or the chapel of Puy, rebuilt in the 19th century, dominating Bourganeuf, are part of the rich local heritage.
The importance of Bourganeuf in the Middle Ages earned it the honor of becoming in 1313 the capital of one of the three languages instituted in France: the "Auvergne language". The seat of the Grand Prieuré d'Auvergne having remained in Bourganeuf from 1313 to 1750, the Auvergne language has produced some of its greatest masters, such as Jean-de-Lastic and Pierre d'Aubusson.

In 2015, a tour circuit was created and installed by the Intercommunal Tourist Office in the Zizim Tower to illustrate the history of the Prince and the Knights Hospitallers.
All these mobile supports are translated into English and integrate new communication technologies. QR codes refer, in fact, to the virtual visit of nearby monuments such as the castle of Pierre d'Aubusson at Monteil au Vicomte and the church of Saint-Jean de Bourganeuf.


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