The village of Moutier d'Ahun, one of the favorite villages of the French

Nestled in the Creuse valley, dominated by the old Benedictine abbey, the village of Moutier d'Ahun benefits from a high quality environment and a valuable heritage which have allowed it to be listed among the favorite villages of the French, according to the France 2 program.
The name of this village means in old French "monastery of Ahun".
Benedictine monks lived on this site from 997 until the revolution. The church preserves parts of different periods: gothic porch and roman choir, in which are exceptional woodworks (1673-1681) giving life to animals or fantastic characters.
A must-see in the village:
- The Abbey of Moutier d'Ahun, with its woodwork carved by Simon Bauer in the 17th century, its porch, and its old nave.
- The Place de l'église, with its flagstones sealed in the axis of the porch which retrace the history of Moutier d'Ahun.
- The Romanesque bridge, typically Limousin, which is borrowed every year for centuries by the traditional pilgrimage of the Saint Roch.
- The panorama on the village of Moutier d'Ahun.

Since 2015, the village of Moutier d'Ahun is part of the European Federation of Cluniac Sites.


Town hall of Moutier d'Ahun
23150 Moutier d'Ahun
Tel/fax : 05 55 62 45 63

Tourist Office of Ahun
12, place Defumade,
23150 Ahun
Tel : 05 55 62 55 93


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Le Moutier d' Ahun - Une Merveille de la Creuse. Ses superbes boiseries, les plus belles de France. 1 janvier 1930

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