The Pope's Mustard Pot, Museum of Mustard

The Pope's Mustard Museum is entirely dedicated to mustard, Correzian mustard and mustard in the world through the centuries.
You will also be able to taste the different mustards and discover the unique collection of posters, advertisements, photos, objects of all kinds...
This house is dedicated to the history of mustard production and the gastronomic art of mustard, and in particular of course, to the most famous of them in Corrèze, the "violet mustard", which is said to have been born in Turenne and "mediatized" by a Pope of Corrèze origin, as grandiose as he was greedy, Clement VI the Magnificent, who reigned in Avignon in the 14th century. 

This establishment has a triple vocation as a restaurant, a specialized shop and a dynamic museum with historical scenography.

You should know that the grocery store offers more than 60 mustard flavours from all over the world.


The Pope's mustard maker
1, Church Square,
19500 Collonges-la-Rouge
Tel: 05 55 25 41 00


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The Pope's Mustard Pot, Museum of Mustard

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