The Musée du Scaphandre, a tribute to Aveyron's inventors of the diving suit

Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" with the famous Captain Nemo, "The Secret of Rackham the Red", one of the adventures of Tintin, two examples of stories where the suit has a beautiful place.
Before scuba divers were equipped with comfortable wetsuits, they had to wear this curious outfit made up of soft or rigid clothing, a helmet with portholes and weighted shoes.
Supported by specialized institutions and companies, the museum that tells the story shows many pieces, some of which are very rare.
The museum is located on the banks of the Lot, in the former church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste d'Espalion and was founded in 1977, jointly with the Joseph-Vaylet Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions.
It was in this pretty town that the mining engineer Benoît Rouquayrol and the sailor Auguste Denayrouze, Lieutenant de Navarre, both from Aveyron, invented the first modern self-contained diving suit in 1864... with the creation of a membrane self-contained regulator.
Two hundred kilometres from the sea!
Jules Verne was inspired by their devices to equip Captain Nemo in his novel "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea".


The Diving Museum
Country of Espalion Tourism
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