Coaraze, the village of the sun

Classified among the most beautiful villages of France, this medieval village is perched on a real eagle's nest.
It also benefits from an exceptional sunshine, it is said to be the sunniest village in France.
Coaraze has seen many famous artists such as Jean Cocteau, Georges Doukine, Mona Christie, Gilbert Valentin, Ponce de Léon, Henri Goetz dedicate their works to it, including six sundials that decorate the facade of the town hall and the wall in the church square.
This collection has recently been enriched with works by Fabienne Barre, Ben, Maccheroni, Moya and Sosno.


Legends, legends...
Medieval city, its name would come from "co(d)a rasa" which means shaved tail. According to a legend, the inhabitants would have succeeded in capturing the devil and tying him by the tail with glue. He escaped by cutting off his tail.

Another legend is that of Queen Jeanne.


In the village, three places of worship are worth a visit: the church of Saint-Jean Baptiste, the chapel of Saint-Sébastien and the Blue Chapel.Also worth seeing are the bread oven, the fountain and the communal wash house, the blacksmith's house, the flat bike square, and the church square which exhibits the dials of Angel Ponce de Léon, Henri Goetz, Sosno and Ben.

One cannot miss the "pontis" (a term from Nice that means vaulted passages), built to enlarge the very limited living spaces and which also had a defensive role, as the inhabitants could escape through the roofs.
Finally, the old communal school seems to have come straight out of a book by Pagnol.
For the amateurs, you should also know that Coraze welcomes the world championship of Pilou...


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