The Palais des Bulles, the chic Pierre Cardin

The Palais Bulles de Pierre Cardin, 1200 m², bubble house style, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in Théoule-sur-Mer in the Esterel Massif, was designed by the architect Antti Lovag.
Built between 1975 and 1989, it includes a thousand portholes.
The architect wanted a return to the roots, to the ancestral habitats: the caves, the troglodyte habitat.
Everything, from the floor to the ceiling, from the outside to the inside, takes on spherical forms.
Pierre Cardin evokes the sensuality of a female body.
This astonishing villa was listed as a historical monument by the Ministry of Culture in 1998.

Guided tour of the house
- A reception room with seating for 350 people,
- A panoramic living room,
- Ten suites, each original, all decorated by contemporary artists,
- A swimming pool, ponds and a garden on an area of 8,500 m²,
- An open-air amphitheatre of 370 m² and 500 seats.
All the decoration is also designed with made-to-measure furniture that matches the architecture of the place.
This ochre-coloured house blends perfectly into the site and blends in with the colour of the Esterel hills.
Pierre Cardin owns another amazing residence, the Château du Marquis de Sade, in the Vaucluse.

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Le Palais Bulles de Pierre Cardin

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Entre ciel et mer, cette surprenante maison de l'architecte habitologue hongrois Antti Lovag est depuis vingt ans le refuge du plus innovateur des couturiers français, Pierre Cardin.
Projet utopiste de la fin du XXe siècle cette maison Bulles située sur les hauteurs de Théoulesur-Mer (Alpes-Maritimes), a de quoi surprendre les amateurs d'architecture et d' art contemporain les plus avertis. Car cette folie architecturale n'évoque rien de connu.
En 1992, le célèbre couturier a voulu faire de ce nouveau lieu futuriste, labyrinthe des temps modernes hors des normes et hors du temps, un endroit pour y installer ses collections.
Le Palais Bulles: The Architectural Folly of Pierre Cardin (Classics) by Jean-Pascal Hesse

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