Louis de Funès and the Museum of the Gendarmerie and Cinema of Saint-Tropez

The most famous gendarmerie in France has become a museum...
Indeed, after long works, the Museum of the Gendarmerie and the Cinema of Saint-Tropez was inaugurated in Saint-Tropez.
This museum of course honours the saga of the films "The Gendarme of Saint-Tropez" and pays homage to Louis De Funès and Michel Galabru, but also to all the stars who have made Saint-Tropez the mythical village it has become.
Transforming a gendarmerie into a museum while preserving the spirit of the place and integrating interactivity was an ambitious challenge for the Museum of the Gendarmerie and Cinema.
Numerous interactive devices: touch screens, models, the possibility of installing in cars, opening drawers, touching the furniture... are thus proposed.
In addition to a tribute to the famous series of films filmed in these places, the museum presents the life of the "real" gendarmerie in the 1960s, including the reconstruction of a desk and a model of the premises. The visit continues with an explanation of the representation of the gendarmerie in the films, followed by an introduction to the history of cinema in Saint-Tropez.
But Saint-Tropez isn't just about the gendarmerie, it's also about the party, the stars, the glitter, the beach?
Numerous photos from the time of Brigitte Bardot and other timeless stars are on display. In the Romy Schneider museum, you can discover the filming of "La piscine" and BB at the time "Et dieu créa la femme".
This museum space lists the many films shot in the Var peninsula as well as the different professions linked to the cinema.
For fans of the series "Le gendarme de Saint-Tropez", an unpublished document is on display, the script of the 7th episode of the saga, which has never been shot.
In " Le gendarme et l'empereur ", De Funès and his team had to find themselves, after a stay in a flying saucer that did not go as planned, in the middle of the battlefield of Waterloo .


The Museum of the Gendarmerie and Cinema of Saint-Tropez
2, Place Blanqui,
83,990 Saint-Tropez
Tel: 04 94 55 90 20






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