The Stone of the Fairy, Provencal dolmen

No, we are not in Brittany but in Provence, on the road to Montferrat, 1 km northwest of Draguignan.
Specialists date the erection of the Pierre de la Fée from the Chalcolithic period, that is to say between 1,000 and 2,000 BC.
This dolmen, the most important megalith in Provence, classified as a historical monument in 1889, is called in Provençal, "péiro de la fado", "Pierre de la fée" in French.
The Pierre de la Fée weighs about 60 tons and measures 5 meters long for a surface of 18 m2.
It was a collective burial, bones and offerings have been found, flint tools or ornaments of bone and stone.
The three vertical slabs, which measure between 2.20 and 2.40 meters, support the table of more than 5 meters long.
The upper stone is called "The Covering Table". The slabs in place are made of local limestone. It would have taken 300 men 3 months to cut, move and assemble this stone.
As on many sites with remarkable stones, this place is attributed with fertility powers. Women in need of children would go there to visit the Esterelle Fairy, who would help them to become pregnant.


La Pierre de la Fée

Avenue de Montferrat,

83300 Draguignan


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La pierre de la Fée, près Draguignan

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