The castle of Fiches and its superb bestiary

If the origins of the castle of Fiches remain unknown, we know that it belonged at the end of the XVI° century to Jean de Roubert, adviser to the Parliament of Toulouse then bought in the XVIII° century, by Joseph Fauré, lawyer in Pamiers . Since then it has remained in the same family. Erected in the heart of a 50 hectare estate, this large building, located 1.5 km from Verniolle in Ariège, houses a marvel, a superb bestiary dated from the 16th century which takes place on the painted ceilings, and presenting a total of nearly 70 animals.
Lion, elephant, camel, monkey... mammals, birds, exotic, fantastic, marine animals and even a mermaid follow one another on the panels.

The kitchen, which has remained intact for several centuries, has kept all its charm and time seems to have stopped there.
 An ancient library also bears witness to daily life in the past.
The 15th century wooden staircase leading to the living room and the ceiling are listed in the Inventory of Historic Monuments, as are the facades and roofs.


Castle of Fiches
Road to Saint-Félix de Rieutort
09340 Varnish
Tel: 05 61 02 87 49
Phone : 06 70 07 35 83


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