The City of Machines, medieval siege camp

One of the curiosities of the fortified town of Larressingle, the Cité des Machines is an authentic 13th-century siege camp.
The public can see not only throwing machines, but also gunpowder artillery.
At the center of the camp sits a superb catapult.
A wooden bastille and a siege tower protect the camp, which features a palisade with various war machines: perrière, bricole, trebuchet, biffa or couillard, bombardelle, bélier, belfry, bastille, arrow trebuchet, couleuvrine, serpentine cannon.
There's also a squirrel cage and a catapult.
Other offensive and defensive machines, jets, bombardment, undermining and assault equipment were soon added: Mangonneau, Tonnelon, Chatte, Louve...
All the activities and life of a medieval camp are evoked, with the presentation of those who served these machines: tailor, stonecutter, blacksmith...
This medieval camp offers activities for young and old, including an introduction to the art of siege warfare.
The camp features re-enactments and demonstrations of siege engines.

The weapons room, with its sixteen knights in armor and chain mail, offers a presentation of models of siege engines, as well as a stone-cutting workshop and a forge and anvil workshop.

Visitors can spin the medieval crane and enjoy a range of activities, including archery, crossbow, medieval coinage, stone ball cutting and chain mail.
You can even dress up as a medieval knight or princess.

During the visit, children and adults can: handle catapults, pierrière, bricole, trebuchet and ballista! Dress up as a knight or princess. Try on chain mail, tunic and helmet. Learn how to attack or defend a castle. Operate a battering ram. Practice your archery skills. Operate the crane or squirrel cage. Make the royal denarius to pay tithes. If it's counterfeit, you'll be pilloried. Medieval weapons, crossbows, cannons and firearms, harnesses and halberds will be on display.

The camp is open from 2pm to 6pm in March, April, May and June, from 10am to 7pm in July and August, and from 2pm to 6pm from September to November 12.


La Cité des Machines
32100 Larressingle
Tel.: 05 62 68 33 88



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