Nailloux, the village that stands out

The Nailloux Outlet Village is more than just a place to do business, it is also a meeting place for families and friends.
Nailloux Fashion Outlet is a new generation Factory Outlet Store also called Brand Village or Shopping Outlet.
You can find women's, men's or children's clothing, jeans, designer shoes, fashion accessories, jewellery, luggage, bags, lingerie, sportswear, sportswear, branded tableware or household linen at discount prices.
Unlike sales or private sales, the major brands can be found at discount prices all year round.
The boutiques offer discounts of 30% to 70% compared to the prices of previous collections.
Nailloux Fashion Outlet is located next to Toulouse in the south of France. It is a new, fun and very pleasant shopping place, located in a green valley 10 minutes from the Toulouse ring road, on the road to Andorra.
In addition to the Stade Toulousain shop, you will find exhibition and art spaces, a photo studio, a day nursery and an indoor golf course.
Gourmets have not been forgotten with Fabien Pellous' famous brasserie "Club 15", the restaurant "la Cocagne", the chic sandwich shop "Pain et Pergo" and the sublime milk chocolate at the bar "Lindt".
Among the great brands that are represented : Nike, Guess, Kookaï, BDM Diesel, American Vintage, Le Temps des cerises, Georges Rech, Heyraud, Café Coton, Cerruti 1881, Eminence, Berenice, Tom Tailor, De Fursac, Yuka, Caro Paris, Desigual, Orcanta, Banana Moon, Didier Parakian, Tara Jarmon, Naf Naf, Miss Sixty Energy, Jezequel, Les Petites, Bayard 1925, Apostrophe, Old River, Look & Like, Petit Bateau, Crea Concept, Stradel's, Bash, Best Mountain, Chantelle, Shilton, Ventilo, Passionata, Triumph, Kaporal, Calvin Klein or Digel.


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