Two castles, an astonishing history and ... an old rifle

We are used to say: "The film The Old Rifle was shot at the castle of Bruniquel!".
This is only partly true, because in Bruniquel there are two castles.
The Young and the Old.
Both are on the same promontory a few dozen meters from each other, built on the site where the Romans had already built their castle.
In the 15th century the property belonged to the family de Comminges.
Father and son are angry.
The father decides to give half of the estate to his nephew.
An endless family quarrel ensues.
The son tries to make the father look crazy.
Justice will not decide.
The disinherited son then decides to build the young castle a few meters away from the old castle and the nephew immediately builds a wall between the two castles.
The Wars of Religion come to crown the whole.
The battle will be spread over two centuries.
In 1987 the commune will repurchase the two buildings.
An exhibition recalls the memory of Romy Schneider and Phillipe Noiret the heroes of the film Le Vieux Fusil by Robert Enrico shot in 1974.

Some scenes of the film were shot in the neighboring castle of Bonaguil. The castle of Bonaguil is located on the commune of Saint-Front-sur-Lémance in Lot-et-Garonne at the junction of the Périgord and Quercy, but it is the property of the town of Fumel. The castle was classified as a Historic Monument on April 18, 1914, the chapel on April 12, 1963.


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