Animaparc, the renaissance....

Between Grenade, near Toulouse and Montauban, in the heart of the Burgaud forest, Pascale and Christine Poujade have opened Animaparc, which has the particularity of offering three parks in one.

The Pepp's & Rexx's farm with more than 150 domestic animals from all over the world, different breeds of sheep, goats, llamas, cows, chickens, pigs, donkeys, rabbits, peacocks, ducks and many others...

The forest of the Dinosaurs where 30 impressive species, from the T-Rex to the life-size Diplodocus, can be found on 4 hectares. An amazing edutainment course.

An adventure park also with 7 hectares and more than 30 attractions and activities, rides, for all ages and the whole family. First emotions for the youngest and strong sensations for the most daring. An incredible family adventure!

In 2022, the year of Animaparc's rebirth, you will be able to rediscover the refreshing New Niagara: go down the 2 aquatic falls and its water tunnel, live intense sensations on Far West Express - Mine Train, Twister Colorado or Wild Tower - Infernal Falls... and many more.


Animal park - Animaparc

3000, route du Pouchaud,
31330 Le Burgaud
Tel : 05 62 79 37 01


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