The railway museum of Nîmes

The Nîmes railway museum was born in 1988 from the passion and under the impulse of Jean-Paul Pignède, Principal Line Driver (CRLP) of the Nîmes depot and President of the AAATV-SNCF section of Nîmes (Amicale des Anciens et Amis de la Traction Vapeur de la SNCF).

With two members of the section, Mrs Mege and Vancorselis, he created an "archive" room which later became the bar and a large exhibition room in the old tooling of the thermal depot. Thereafter, over time and with the silent complicity of the people in charge of the establishment, Mr. Pierre Largy, head of the establishment, and Roger Chapuis, his assistant, six new rooms were created.

- Room 1: The office of the AAATV-SNCF Nîmes section

- Room 2: Called "Raymond Dauphin room, former Traction Inspector in Bordeaux" Founder of the AAATV-SNCF + 2 bis Speed recording room (Flaman, Tachro and others).

- Room 3: Named "Elio Marchelli Room" former MECRU (road mechanic) of the Alès depot and generous donor.

- Room 4: Room with numerous objects from the "VB (Track and Buildings) department" + a safe from the first landing stage (located on Rue Sully) of the Nîmes-Beaucaire railroad opened on July 14, 1839.

- Room 5: Room of the old tools, reserved in large part for the presentation of scale models, electric locomotive driving manipulators and display cases with numerous pieces (watches, regulators, commemorative medals, plates, etc.)

- Room 6: Bar room ex archives, made with two fronts of electric locomotives 2D2 9100 and CC 7100.

- Room 7: Called "Paulin Talabot Room", instigator of the Railway in the Gard and first General Manager of the PLM "Cie des Chemins de Fer de Paris à Lyon et à la Méditerranée". Room of presentation of the railroads (PLM, Camargue and others) in the Gard +7 bis Room Lampisterie.

- Room 8: Presentation of old firemen's equipment used in the different French Railway Companies (PLM, PO, MIDI (then PO-MIDI), AL, NORD, OUEST-ETAT) as well as in the SNCF.


Today, the Railway Museum of Nîmes has become the showcase of the AAATV-SNCF-Section of Nîmes as well as its source of income through the participation of visitors and events (exhibitions of paintings and others, scholarships ...) which allows to rehabilitate materials (BB 9411, CC 21001, 141R1298, Prussian wagon, tanker, bi foudres, firefighters materials ... waiting for better.



The museum of the railway of Nimes

97, rue Pierre Sémard,

30000 Nîmes



Jean-Paul Pignède

Tel : 06 86 27 56 53




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