The Museum of Paper of Angoulême and its exceptional collection

The Angoulême paper museum, on the banks of the Charente, opened to the public on November 25, 1988, in the former Lacroix paper mills, which became the Joseph-Bardou "Le Nil" paper mills and which manufactured a famous cigarette paper and whose emblem was an elephant. They were closed in 1972.

The buildings of the museum are built on the Charente and some rooms are crossed by the river. A paddle wheel, pulp mills and the large chimney are vestiges of the industrial activity of the site. The architectural complex has been entirely renovated by the architects Reichen and Robert.


The Museum and its exhibitions

In the rooms located on the ground floor, the circulation of water reminds us of the use of hydraulic energy, with paddle wheel, valves and couriers.

Five themes make up the tour:
- Discover the Charente River and its different functions;
- Understand the craft and industrial manufacture of paper;
- Locate the numerous industries of the department;
- Learn about the history of the site over the centuries;
- Explore the Valley of the Image and its training schools.

The Museum presents exhibitions on the different aspects of the industrial paper industry of the 19th and 20th centuries, on the related industries, printing, wire cloth and felt factories, mechanics..., on the uses of paper and occasionally presentations of contemporary art where paper and cardboard are the materials of plastic expression.

A part of the presentations evokes the history of the site and the industrial manufacture of paper in Charente by means of documents, photos and testimonies.


"Charente Confluences, from river to industry, from paper to image"
The permanent exhibition "Charente Confluences, from the river to the industries, from paper to image" is dedicated to the rich industrial past of Angoulême linked to paper and related industries.

On the first floor, temporary exhibitions present the variety of the collections and highlight contemporary artists working with paper.

The museum's exceptional collection is regularly presented through temporary exhibitions. It preserves the memory of paper in all its forms: paper samples, packaging, cigarette paper and advertising posters. It is enriched by contemporary graphic works.


New in the permanent exhibition!
- Free mobile application downloadable on the stores: "Visit Museum -Paper Museum".
-Interactive family visit: Rizlo and Édouard, two endearing characters, will guide you in the discovery of paper making through the permanent exhibition "Charente Confluence" (paying).
- Treasure hunt "Méfiez-vous des camemberts" (Beware of camemberts) : an original journey to discover the labels of camemberts from the Garnaud collection. Between kitschy and outdated visuals, we suggest you to go on a treasure hunt in search of the lost camembert label! Continuous in the permanent exhibition, free.


Angoulême Paper Museum

quai de la Charente
16000 Angoulême

Tel : 05 45 38 71 61



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