Jean Prouvé's "petrol station", transformed into a gîte...

Passionate about Jean Prouvé's work, brothers Pascal and Olivier Loux bought a former service station in Alsace, France, built by the architect designer in 1969 for Total.

They had it renovated in Nancy, then installed it in the Périgord countryside to transform it into a gîte.

The modular prefabricated structure was converted into a vacation home for ten people.


A bit of history...

Since 1969, the energy company Total has been developing a policy of industrialized development of its petrol stations, whether they are large freeway stations or bus stations.

In this context, the group called on Jean Prouvé, who had already widely demonstrated his know-how in prefabricated architecture.

The building is built on a centered plan with a radiating galvanized sheet metal structure resting on a central shaft and peripheral posts.

The facade consists of thirteen polyester and glass panels.

The variety of the grounds in fact leads to the choice of single or two-storey quasi-cylindrical buildings, with or without dwellings.

A manifesto of prefabricated architecture, this light architecture made by simple and quick assembly was assembled for educational purposes in 2000 in front of the Nancy School of Architecture.

About a hundred service stations were built in France in less than three years.

Even if some still exist, very few have retained their original state.


And in Angoisse...

The service station that became a bed and breakfast in Angoisse will calm yours.

It consists of two levels connected by a spiral staircase.

On the first floor: the day space extended by a terrace with a heated swimming pool.

On the second floor: the night area with bedrooms and bathrooms. On the design side, there is only one armchair signed Prouvé.

But "sixties" pieces by Verner Panton, Zublena, Michel Ducaroy for Ligne Roset, or Plastiques de Bourgogne...



Proven Station

La Jarousse

24270 Anxiety

Tel: 05 53 52 37 91




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