From Île aux Oiseaux to the Tchanquées huts...

Small island preserved in the middle of the Bay of Arcachon, the Bird Island, is known for its two Tchanquées huts, postcard images. But it is also home to about fifty huts, some of which are inhabited during the holidays, and others almost all year round. These small wooden huts are difficult to access, no drinking water or electricity, and the nearest grocery store is several kilometres away by boat when the tide is favourable. All its inhabitants agree on one thing, they are aware that they are in a small corner of paradise.


Natural treasures

The island is aptly named! Indeed, it has an important ornithological richness made up of nesting, migratory or wintering birds. A total of 150 species of birds can be observed on the site throughout the year. There are 300,000 to 400,000 individuals resting or wintering. The flora is not to be outdone...

Most of the island is made up of wetlands where many species of plants hide. These are the only salt meadows on the Atlantic coast that are free of human intervention. Bird Island offers its visitors exceptional natural treasures and biodiversity.


The Cabanes Tchanquées

The famous Tchanquées huts, opposite Arcachon, owe their name to the Gascon "chancas" which means "mounted on stilts". These houses on stilts once housed guards in charge of guarding the oyster beds.

They are not open to visitors.

Anyone who wishes to get as close as possible to these two jewels of the Basin can take the shuttle boats of the UBA (Union des Bateliers Arcachonnais) from Arcachon in particular.

The "bâteliers" organise numerous commented walks which allow everyone to go around the Island on the water.


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