Pando, the shepherd's umbrella

For more than a century, Basque and Béarnais shepherds have protected themselves from the vagaries of time under their "Pando".

Twenty years ago, a well-inspired craftsman, Hervé Pando relaunched the manufacture of the shepherd's umbrella, very resistant and just as aesthetic, in his workshop in Pau.


A little history...

At the beginning of the century, the transhumance stopped in Pau and the herds were parked on the current place of Verdun, property of the shepherds of the valley of Ossau.

Traditionally, the latter took advantage of their stopover in Pau to buy, repair and change the canvas of an umbrella which they often kept all their life.

A precious working tool that protects against the sun, lightning and rain. Hervé Pando and his son Christophe have taken back the original model: the nine ribs are made of rattan, the blue canvas is treated for sun and rain, the mast and pommel are made of beech.

The shepherds of the Pyrenees pass it on from generation to generation because it is so strong.

Hervé and Christophe Pando, who live in Béarn, are the only ones in France to produce this large umbrella with a beech handle that does not turn in the wind thanks to its nine ribs made of rush, rattan or wood. Its double weave resin-coated cotton canvas is very resistant to rain or sun.

Its round handle allows you to put it in your breast pocket to keep your hands free.

Its metal parts are made of brass and far from the tip, it can be used safely in the mountains and even acts as a lightning conductor.



To the Umbrella of the Pyrenees

12, rue Montpensier

64000 Pau

Tel: 05 59 27 53 66



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