Harri Kilinka, the Moving Stone

On the heights of the Aldudes Valley. The ridge route on the "Neutral Way" is a witness to the history of the Aldudes Valley, punctuated by megalithic monuments, and by the opposing walls of the Berdaritz Pass.

In the Aldudes valley, at the foot of the rocky Harguibel mountain, you will find the most famous stone of the Basque Country.

With a strong west wind it trembles and in the distance you can hear the sound of a bell.

The stone owes its fame to the fact that it oscillates on the rock that serves as its base.

Oral tradition says that on "zehar haizea" (southwest wind) days, the wind manages to move the stone and a sound similar to the sound of a bell can be heard in the distance.

In one of the farmhouses in the Bearzun d'Elizondo neighbourhood (Navarre), the elders told that this stone was thrown by Roland on Pamplona from the upper reaches of the River Hautza, but that he slipped on a cow dung and it finally fell there, on the border of Lower Navarre and Navarre.

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