The Pyrenean Bear, from Prehistory to the present day

Olivier de Marliave, journalist and writer, passionate about the Grand Sud region, has embarked on the history of the Pyrenean bear, from prehistory to reintroduction.

A necessary book as passions have taken over...

Olivier de Marliave goes around the issue, bringing to our attention elements that are often misunderstood.

If we know well enough today about the habits and way of life of brown bears, no one had yet retraced the passionate history lived by the Pyrenees alongside these plantigrades... and this since the dawn of time.

After the forced cohabitation and the cult of this mythical animal began a real war against the bear.

Colourful portraits, stories of the last hunters on both sides of the Pyrenees, trafficking of skins and fat... shed light on this history and give a pertinent analysis of the reasons for the disappearance of the animal.


A book full of teachings..., a reference book that was missing.


History of the Pyrenean Bear

From Prehistory to Reintroduction

Olivier de Marliave

280 pages

Editions Sud Ouest



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