Who found the 7th Company train?

The Limoges-based "Conservatoire Ferroviaire Territoires Limousin Périgord" association operates a tourist train dating back to the 1930s.

With some 10 vintage passenger carriages, two steam locomotives and an old diesel locomotive, the association runs regular summer services around Limoges, as well as more occasional services for film shoots or commissioned performances.

The association was founded on May 19, 1981. It was then called "Chemin de Fer Touristique Périgord-Quercy".

It brings together people with an interest in railroads, with the aim of rescuing, preserving and restoring historic equipment, and creating a tourist train to run on the SNCF network for historical events, inaugurations, school trips and tourist tours.

At the outset, the association salvaged an old SNCF steam locomotive in a state of disrepair, along with a few reformed passenger carriages.

Initially limited to the Sarladais region, over the years the activity has expanded to cover the whole of south-western and central France.

Today, the train has covered more than 45,000 kilometers across 28 départements, visiting the Ile de France, Aquitaine, the Pyrenees, Roussillon, Auvergne and, of course, Limousin.

In 1991, the headquarters moved from the Du Buisson depot to the SNCF site at Limoges-Puy Imbert, along with all the equipment.

The association changed its acronym from C.F.P.Q. to C.F.T.L.P. for "Chemin de Fer Touristique Limousin-Périgord", and transferred its head office to Limoges.

From this date onwards, efforts were focused on redeploying the company's activities to the Limousin region, and in particular to the Limoges-Ussel line, whose tourist appeal was undeniable.

Still committed to the image of railway heritage conservation and the Limousin-Périgord region, the association changed its name to "Conservatoire Ferroviaire Territoires Limousin Périgord" on March 19, 2017.

The collection of historic rolling stock is growing, and restoration and maintenance work is carried out to the highest standards.


The 7th Company's 140 C 38 and others...

Prior to its restoration, the locomotive from Robert Lamoureux's 1975 film was a regular fixture on our TV screens.

The restoration of this locomotive, 140 C 38, bought from the SNCF by the CFTLP association on May 2, 1996, was recently celebrated. This steam locomotive was built in Great Britain in 1919 by Vulcan Foundry for the French army, requisitioned and sent to Germany in 1941. It was used as the set for the film "On a retrouvé la 7e compagnie".

Other interesting locomotives include the 141 TD 740 steam locomotive, built in 1932 by the Société Française de Constrtuction Mécanique de Denain and listed as a Monument Historique, the 040 DE 895 diesel locomotive and the Moyse shunting locomotive. Several cars are also restored and on display.

The association has also embarked on the restoration of another emblematic machine, the Pacific 231 K 82. The aim is to restore it to its former glory and get it back on the road. There is only one other of this type left in France.


Association C.F.T.L.P.

9, rue Martin Fréminet

87100 Limoges






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