Limousine Park, ode to the cow... limousine

Limousine Park, the one and only amusement park on the themes of cows and biodiversity, reopens this summer from 4 July to 30 August at the Pôle de Lanaud, in Boisseuil, near Limoges.

On 7 hectares, the heritage of the Briance Valley, a listed site, picturesque and rich in history, starting with the local cows that are the Limousines, is thus put in the spotlight.

Explaining how beef is produced in France (on grass, in human-sized farms, with respect for animals and the environment...), encouraging vocations, highlighting the riches of Limousin, whether in tourism, wood, porcelain or food processing... these are just some of the objectives assigned to the Limousine Park.

The farmhouse with its typical 19th century architecture and the labyrinths are all new opportunities to learn while having fun for children aged 3 to 12 and their families, with a variety of activities for a visit of at least 3 hours.

The Limousine Park agro-tourism park is therefore a showcase for this heritage. They are declined around multiple activities : catering, cinema, showroom, mini-farm and many animations such as the islands with labyrinths,... You can meet cattle face to face, discover farm animals, throw dung with a catapult, ride a rodeo on the back of a bull specially imagined for kids, try milking or go on a treasure hunt...

Limousine Park offers a unique and immersive experience, always richer in meaning, by giving each child a 24-page visit guide this summer. This "holiday book", which includes games, riddles, stories, colouring and folding, is designed to accompany a treasure hunt and then to extend the Limousine adventure for a long time to come.

Limousine Park also offers a selection of services based on innovative concepts built around creative workshops, sport, cinema and theatre, music, artistic services...


The Lanaud Pole

A place for exchange, transmission and information between the rural and urban worlds, Limousine Park is based on the Pôle de Lanaud, created in 1991, which brings together under one roof the main players working to improve and develop the Limousine breed of cattle. This architectural complex, which overlooks hectares of land, is the work of the famous architect Jean Nouvel. Approved zero phyto, 0 chemical weed killer used, this site is the ideal place to meet and share in family laughter, relaxation and challenges in the heart of the Limousin countryside.


"From the fork to the fork" and "from the stable to the table".

Not forgetting the restaurant Le Lanaud, which is part of the Lanaud Pole's approach to promoting the Limousin terroir. Passionate, determined, energetic and rich in experience, the chef, Anne Alassane, is a marvellous way of promoting an emblematic breed with recognised gustatory qualities. She makes it a point of honour to bring to life the famous slogan "from the stable to the table".



Limousine Park

Pôle Le Lanaud

87220 Boisseuil

Tel: 05 55 06 46 10 / 07 55 59 26 64



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