The Train des Merveilles, in the heart of a unique heritage

The Train des Merveilles offers, from Nice to Tende, an extraordinary visit of a unique artistic and cultural heritage and splendid landscapes from the Mediterranean coast to the Mercantour National Park.

This train, comfortable and air-conditioned, serves the villages of the Paillon and Roya-Bévéra valleys, discovering unique panoramas on the hinterland. The route of the Train des Merveilles is recognized as one of the most amazing railway landscapes in Europe.

In the heart of the Paillon, Bévéra and Roya valleys, Piedmontese baroque art is on display.

Tende, a fortified medieval city, Breil sur Roya, a small village with a surprising transport ecomuseum, l'Escarène, Sospel, Fontan-Saorge, one of the most beautiful perched villages in France, with Romanesque and Baroque churches, the Vallée des Merveilles, one of the most important sites of prehistoric engravings in Europe, are all unforgettable sites

 After the storm Alex, many damages had affected this line. Important works were realized and the service could resume on May 3, 2021 between Breil-sur-Roya and Tende.


From May to October, a guide will comment your itinerary free of charge and tell you about this exceptional natural and historical heritage.


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