Roubion, an exceptional site steeped in history

Robione is a typical hilltop village of the Nice highlands, "Robione" means "rock with a peak". Roubion was created in 800 B.C. by Celto-Ligurians.
After an eventful history, mixing wars, destruction, looting... the inhabitants decided to become French in 1860.
Today, several monuments still allow us to imagine the life of the past, like the ancient ramparts that protected the inhabitants from the wolves.


A very rich heritage
Strolling through the streets and steep alleys of the village, you will discover old vaulted passages, clear water fountains, old barns of mountain chapels ...

We also discover the San Sebastian Chapel, dating from 1513 and classified as a Historic Monument. It contains unique anonymous mural paintings. It was donated by Canon Ludovic Serre de Clans to protect the village from the plague and other epidemics. The north wall outside has a painted decoration representing Saint-Michel slaying the Dragon.
Inside, the murals, of Provençal influence, illustrate the life of San Sebastian and are captioned in old Provençal.

Another interesting place of worship is the Church of Our Lady of Mont-Carmel, which dates from 1713.
The village church was rebuilt in the form of Baroque buildings with four side chapels on the nave. One of them, dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary, has a stucco and gypsum decoration, exceptional in the mountains, and shows the influence of an Italian master who worked between 1715 and 1720.
Note the rare architecture of the bell tower, once pointed, Romanesque style, with a truncated top with crenellations.

While visiting Roubion, how not to stop in front of the communal oven which allowed the elders to make their own bread.
The oven still works today on the occasion of celebrations.

You should also see the Mouton fountain dating from the 18th century which is one of the many fountains and wash houses in the village. It owes its name to the sculpture that decorates it.

In the upper part of the village, two towers, one of which has plaster pigeons in its window, may have been part of the old feudal castle of which only a few remains remain above the village.
In the 16th century, the fortifications were used to prevent animals from entering the enclosure, wolves, wild boars... and from spreading diseases.

Finally, you will not be able to miss the numerous painted doors...


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