Le Gouffre de Proumeyssac, Cathedral of Lights, where the visitor produces his electricity

Baptized " Cathedral of Crystal ", today " Cathedral of Lights ", Proumeyssac is the largest developed cavity of the Périgord.

Already famous in the 18th century for its terrifying legends, the Abyss of Proumeyssac was not explored until 1907.

Holder of the label NF-Environnement "Sites de visites", the chasm invites you to participate in an astonishing environmental and eco-responsible approach.

Before or after the visit, those who wish to do so can produce some of the electricity needed for their visit by pedalling on a bicycle generator.

The energy produced is injected directly into the abyss network.

A tunnel provides easy access to this immense underground vault with walls decorated with a multitude of crystallizations of exceptional density and beauty. The new lighting, supported by a musical accompaniment completes the originality of this site.

In the past, visitors descended 3 by 3 into the abyss with the help of a horse-powered gondola.

In 2017, the "Crystal Cathedral" will inaugurate a new gondola to relive the emotion of the first visitors.

More spacious than the previous one, it allows 11 people to discover the abyss even better.

The new gondola allows, thanks to a specific technical system, to recreate this sensation. This time it is the floor that rotates and drives the passengers on a 360° rotation.

The 45-minute tour, with commentary by experienced guides, has been open to the public since 1924 and allows visitors to discover the underground world and numerous crystallizations.

The Gouffre de Proumeyssac is a "classified site of picturesque interest" since 1991 to preserve the abyss and its natural wealth. This natural site is fragile and must be preserved.



Proumeyssac Abyss

PO 7

24260 Le Bugue sur Vézère

Tel: 05 53 07 27 47







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Le gouffre de Proumeyssac

Baptisé " cathédrale de cristal ", le gouffre de Proumeyssac est aujourd'hui la plus grande cavité aménagée du Périgord. Déjà célèbre au XVIIIe siècle pour ses terrifiantes légendes, il ne fut exploré qu'en 1907. Par un tunnel, on accède à cette immense voûte souterraine aux parois ornées d'une multitude de cristallisations d'une densité exceptionnelle et d'une beauté saisissante. Des jeux de lumière et un accompagnement musical complètent l'originalité de ce site. La visite, commentée par des guides expérimentés, laisse un souvenir impérissable. Cet ouvrage, écrit par des spécialistes, historiens et géologues, en éclaire tous les aspects.

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