Limoux, the longest carnival in the world

Considered as the longest carnival in the world, the Limoux Carnival lasts three months, from January to March every weekend and the folkloric week, alternating between bands and pierrots on the Place de la République.
A tradition that goes back to the 14th century, when the millers celebrated the handing over of their royalties to the monastery of Prouille, on Mardi Gras day.
Since 1604, the carnival is celebrated in Limoux.
At the beginning, it was celebrated in miller's costume with a whip and a bag of flour.
The masked people went through the city by rattling their whip throwing flour and sweets.
They danced farandoles and played the oboe and drums.
Another important characteristic, unlike other carnivals, the Limoux carnival is not a show with flowered corsos and floats parades. It is a popular festival where the public "goudils" participate in the festivities.
Today, the processions of "fécos", costumed bands inherited from the seventeenth century, followed by the "goudils", follow one another in music, waddling some would say, every weekend under the arcades of the Place de la République.

His Majesty Carnival is received on the first Sunday of the festivities by the Millers dressed in a cap, a white blouse and pants, a red scarf, clogs and whip in hand. Illustrating a carnival air, the straw mannequin has replaced the float for a few years and will be used as a basis for the judgment given in Occitan on the last Sunday, during the night of the Blanquette, and whose verdict will lead to its incineration.


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