The Celestine Cave, a cave under the city...

Located in the heart of the village of Rauzan, 40 km from Bordeaux, the Célestine Cave is the only underground river in the Gironde. This underground river with concretions is 2.5 km long and has been fitted out over 250 meters for visits. It allows you to discover the splendors of a mineral world 13 meters underground and in an ambient temperature of 14°.

It was discovered by chance in 1845 by a well digger who was digging a well for a seed producer. Visits were organized until 1930. Then forgotten for nearly 70 years, it was only opened to the public by the municipality of Rauzan in 2002.

At the very beginning it was only accessible from the room of a Rauzan woman named Célestine. This is why it is now called "Grotte Célestine".

Dating from the quaternary period and dug into the limestone by water, the Célestine Cave offers impressive calcite flows, fine stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, countless stalagmites, gours...

Equipped like real cavers (boots, helmet and headlamp lent on the spot), you will be able to live an unforgettable 45 minutes walk in the bed of the underground river and explore magnificent natural sceneries.

You can now discover the Grotto in different ways and celebrate your birthday in the heart of the Célestine Grotto. You come with your basket containing cakes and drinks, and during the visit, a break will be organized in the room known as "the Table", to blow out your candles and open your gifts!

All this, equipped with boots and helmet provided, on compulsory reservation.


School groups are welcome all year round (approved by the national education system).



Celestine Cave

8, rue Lansade

33420 Rauzan


Tel : 05 57 84 08 69


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