The Pont de l'Artigues, one of the last Romanesque bridges...

Located between Larressingle and Beaumont-sur-L'osse, exactly 1000 km from Compostela, the bridge of Lartigue, differently named the Artigue or Artigue is one of the last Romanesque bridges. Built between the 12th and 13th centuries, it is one of the rare specimens of civil architecture still existing, and erected especially for the passage of pilgrims.

Of Romanesque construction, it probably predates the arrival of the Spanish Order of Santiago, which installed, next to it, its commandery, a hospital and a church of Our Lady, of which nothing remains today.

Although the bridge as it stands today was probably rebuilt in the 18th century, its origins date back to the birth of the cult of Santiago le Majeur.

Since 1998, it has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and about 2700 Santiago pilgrims and tourists cross it every year.
On the spot, discovery panels on the history of the bridge allow you to know everything about it.


Town Hall of Larressingle
32100 - Larressingle

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Larressingle en Condomois, description et histoire

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Larressingle en Condomois, description et histoire , par Georges Tholin,... et Joseph Gardère

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Cet ouvrage est une réimpression à l'identique de l'édition originale numérisée par Gallica.
Larressingle en Condomois, description et histoire, par Georges Tholin,... et Joseph Gardère,... Avec 3 planches par Pierre Benouville

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