The Museum of Tobacco Anthropology, unique in Europe

Created in 1950 by the Direction des Musées de France, the museum was then reorganized and installed in 1982 in the Maison Peyrarède, a 17th century hotel, a jewel of the architectural heritage, in the heart of the city renovated by the city of Bergerac.
Inaugurated in 1983 and unique in Europe, the Museum of Tobacco Anthropology retraces 3000 years of history and civilization through exceptional collections spread over two floors, that is to say nearly 600m2 of exhibition space. Its collections, unique in Europe, evoke the saga of a plant with an exceptional destiny, sometimes divine, sometimes cursed, which has left its mark on the agricultural landscape of the Bergerac region.

Tobacco is a plant born and used in America more than 3000 years ago before conquering Africa and then the world. Man has used it in many ways, creating objects that reflect his know-how, imagination and creativity.

This museum offers a better understanding of the cultural history of tobacco thanks to four permanent exhibition rooms, each of which offers a theme: Uses and functions, 17th and 18th century periods, Tobacco art objects, 17th to 19th century craftsmanship.


Anthropological Museum of Tobacco
Peyrarède House
Place du Feu,
24100 Bergerac
Tel : 05 53 63 04 13  


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Anthropologie du tabac

Lorsqu'il introduisit le tabac en France, au milieu du XVIè siècle, Jean Nicot ne se doutait pas que son herbe occuperait, plus de quatre siècles après, une telle place dans nos mœurs. En effet le tabac intervient aussi bien dans les comportements individuels (comment devient-on fumeur ? que signifie l'acte de fumer ?) que dans les différentes formes d'expression sociale, que ce soit la publicité ou l'art (tant littéraire que théâtral ou cinématographique). C'est à ce voyage anthropologique à travers les volutes, odorantes ou nauséabondes, de l'herbe à Nicot que nous invite cet ouvrage.
Tabac et societes - II. L'herbe de tous les Maux

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