The "Les trésors de Lisette" Museum, back in 1900

Located near the village of Saint-Chavinien sur Charente, a village of stones and water, this Museum, unique in Europe, offers a trip back to the 1900s. A real paradise for collectors, it brings to life the history of thousands of Belle Epoque objects, kitchen objects, toys, miniatures, curiosities, fashion, enamelled tableware... as well as a superb exhibition of lithographed boxes.

To see some authentic curiosities like the "Bigotelles", a moustache net, the "Bourdaloue", a chamber pot that the ladies used during the mass or a German soldier's helmet transformed into a kitchen sieve...

In addition, throughout a 12-stage tour that brings Lisette's family back to life at the beginning of the 20th century, you can answer a few riddles.

This museum makes you relive a bygone era thanks to thousands of objects. A real treasure, the fruit of a passion born decades ago.  A must see... 


Museum "Les trésors de Lisette" Museum

17380 Archingeay

Tél. : 05 46 97 81 46


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