The garden of Moroccan scents and spices, for the pleasure of the senses

In 1999, the city of La Rochelle created the Moroccan scents and spices garden, a garden that can only flatter the sense of smell.

Close to the Charruyer Park, well known to the people of Roche, the garden of Moroccan scents and spices resembles an oasis and offers several themes: coastal coniferous forest, sclerophyllous deciduous forest, Mediterranean forest, oak and kermes scrubland, earth levee, minstrel square, herb square and oasis.

The coastal coniferous forest is generally composed of boxwood, juniper and cedar. Holm oaks, Moroccan oaks, holly, euphorbia and columbines belong to the deciduous sclerophyll forest. The Mediterranean hay offers olive trees, pistachio trees, arbutus trees, and blue dwarf palm trees. The lentisk pistachio trees, carob trees, lavender dentata, angustifolias, and myrtle are in the field of kermes. Not to mention the very large number of agave aloe, prickly pear, doum palm and apricot pomegranate trees.

A pleasant moment of change of scenery for the eyes and the nose....


Garden of Moroccan scents and spices

Léonce-Mailho Street
17000 La Rochelle

Tel: 05 46 46 51 51 11 66

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